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Deep snow and extreme conditions place enormous loads on your sled and especially your drive belt.

This extreme load creates incredible amounts of heat that shortens drive belt life and reduces performance.

The Under Hood Hot Air Eliminator A.K.A. “The Blow Hole” removes that heat via a high output fan.

This “Active Venting” system is built out of durable aluminum and has a welded design to put up to the abuse of mountain riding.

Reduces under hood temps, clutch and belt temps and restores performance without installing “passive venting”. N

No need to cut up your new wrap for vents, the “Blow Hole” will be less invasive and do a better job of cooling.

The current trend in mountain snowmobiles has been to make them smaller and more compact thus limiting the amount of area that can be used for vent surfaces.

Naturally the riding style has changed also, frequently requiring less trail and more technical terrain. Vent materials don’t hold up well to tree branches and graphics wraps are becoming the norm reducing the tendency of customers to add vents to panels, etc. The HOT AIR ELIMINATOR otherwise known as “THE BLOW HOLE” is an active venting system to replace or enhance already employed passive venting. As a result of the impressive under hood temperature reduction through the use of the Blow Hole leads to belt and clutch temperature reduction, extended belt life and improved engine performance.

Low Amp Draw Water Resistant DC Fan
Durable Aluminum Design
Keeps Clutches Clean
Less Belt Dust - Longer Life
Entire Under Hood Area Stays Cleaner
Plug and Play Design Plugs Into Factory DC Power Port

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