The new GMZ Sand Stripper Tires are specifically designed for Side X Sides to be used in the sand dunes. These sand specific tires were tested in the Southern California desert. Sand Stripper Tires really help improve performance in the sand with great floatation while offering great traction and turning ability.

Sand Stripper tires are 6Ply tires with radial construction. For maximum performance pair the Sand Stripper  tires with GMZ’s sand specific wider wheels with sand offsets, built and designed for the Sand Stripper.

 The 28x12-14 & 30x13-15 Front 3 Rib Sand Stripper turning Tire, really helps to improve steering in the softest of sand better than any other sand tire on the market. Designed specifically for turning, the 3 rib front tire even helps the long wheelbase 4 seat vehicles turn effortlessly. The added turning stability makes transitioning from sand dune to sand dune easier and safer.

 The 28x15-14 Rear Sand Stripper Tire, features a 14 paddle stagger cut design with ¾” tall paddles.  The tire matches up perfectly for vehicles in the 900cc range and below. The stagger cut allows for a little more ability to slide the car around but without affecting flotation or straight-line traction. Tire weight is 23 lbs.

 The 28x15-14 Rear Sand Stripper HP Tire, features 14 full-length paddles that measure 1 1/8” tall.  This tire is the perfect match for higher horsepower cars with its more aggressive paddle design. The HP tire is an ideal match for 900cc’s and above or high-powered turbo cars. Tire weight is 24.7lbs.

Driver preference and the machine itself is the major factor in choosing the right tire for you.

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