Ever since I can remember I’ve had a passion for design. From building my first front suspension for my Huffy to my latest chassis components one thing has remained unchanged—my desire to make it perfect.

Snowmobiles have always been a part of my life and from the very beginning I have always had a desire to make it better and to make it unique. The 80’s were a great time for snowmobile development and I was sucking it all up like a sponge. About the only thing similar between the manufacturers were that they all used skis and a track. I would study the different designs and the pros and cons of each and always dream of the perfect snowmobile.

1997 marked the year of the Yamaha SX700 and with it came some big opportunities for me. I designed a unequal length front end with rack steering for my SX along with customizing the complete sled. The sled was displayed at Haydays that year and didn’t go unnoticed by some key people at Yamaha. Later that year I started a job working for Yamaha building race sleds for the Factory Snocross Team. That job singlehandedly changed my life and the way I go about building and designing parts for
Racewerx. Although we had limits that we had to adhere to I always wanted to keep pushing the envelope of the perfect snowmobile. I built my first A-Arm
Yamaha in 1999. That sled got my wheels turning and in the back of my mind Racewerx was being formed.

It would not be until 2008 until I officially started Racewerx.  2012 marks the breakout year for me as Racewerx will been releasing many new parts in the coming months ahead. Although the snowmobiles have become increasingly similar to each other over the years, and the advancements in technology are truly amazing, I still believe the aftermarket has room to thrive in this industry and I want to continue to push Racewerx to the forefront. It’s this pursuit of the perfect snowmobile that will keep Racewerx as your leader in high quality aftermarket accessories that I’m proud to put on my ride!