"Caster is probably one of the more important fine tuning parts of an ATV that people overlook. Houser Racing TRICTRAC feature is bar none one of the the more important parts to the handling of my 4-wheeler."

Can-Am 450DS 08-14

Honda TRX 450R 04-14

Kawasaki KFX 450 07-14

Suzuki LTR 450 06-09

Yamaha YFZ 450 04-13

Yamaha Raptor 700 06-14


HOUSER RACING feature is the world's first and only automatic caster adjustment. The Pro Series Upper A-Arm set comes with a clamping mechanism that allows you to remove the needle bearing holds and replace them with out TRICTRAC System. The needle bearing assembly can easily be removed from this clamp by loosening two bolts with an allen wrench. Once the needle bearing assembly is removed, it can be upgraded to the TRICTRAC system, or replaced with another needle bearing assembly.

The TRICTRAC system is an automatic caster adjustment. While the ATV is in motion, the cast is continually changing. The TRICTRAC assembly consists of a brass bushing and worm gear. This assembly replaces the needle bearing and seal assembly in the Pro Series Upper A-Arms. This assembly allows the Upper A-Arm to move forward and backward while the ATV is in motion.

As you go into a turn and the shocks compress, the A-Arms move upward on the pivot point. The TRICTRAC rotates the A-arms forward toward the front of the ATV decreasing caster, allowing the ATV handle better while turning. As you speed up out of a turn and the shocks extend, the A-Arms move downward at the pivot point. The TRICTRAC rotates the  A-Arm toward the rear of the ATV increasing caster, allowing the ATV to handle better in a straight line. With 10.5" of wheel travel, the TRICTRAC will offer 2.5 degrees of caster adjustment. To put it simply, the A-Arm rotates backwards and forwards through the stroke of the shock, altering your caster setting while you ride.

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