2009 + CURRENT FORD F-150 / ECOBOOST  One of the most common issues that ford owners face is stock spindle failure. OEM spindles were not designed to with stand the rigors of off-roading.  And as ford owners continue to push thier limits so will ROGUE RACING. This replacement spindle is the industry's first direct bolt on full plate ford spindle. One of the most commonly overlooked and crucial components to a proper and SAFE susupension system is the spindle or upright. Cast materials that stock spindles are made of were never intended to be welded, heated or bent, neither are they resilient to vibration. Our trophy truck style plate spindle is a necessity for safe off-roading.



100% American Made

3D CAD Designed

OEM SPEC Intergrated Steering Stop **NEW**

Robust all plate construction 

8" Chromoly tube platform Lighter design

Engineered to accept up 37” tires

Correct Steering geometry 

Final machined post weld for exact tolerances

Direct factory replacement 

TIG / Chormoly 

Like all of our products we start with three dimensional CAD engineering and designed our spindles with a robust 8" .250 wall chromoly tube platform to ensure serious strength. This design is the only of its kind in the industry. They are machines out of 2" steel, then welded (either mig or tig depending on preference) and then sent back to be final machined for exact tolerances. This process ensures that the spindles are square, will maintain correct steering geometry and will slip right into place with no rubbing of existing stock components. 

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