New for this season is the revolutionary SUREFOOT™ “RUB-ON” Ice-Free Formula

This great new product combines the awesome ice-free characteristics of the original SUREFOOT™ Ice Free Coating with a new, easy-to-apply formulation that can be rubbed or buffed onto any surface and is ready for use immediately.

Apply SUREFOOT™ RUB-ON Formula onto problem areas such as suspension components, bumpers, the tunnel…it even works on your vinyl graphics to completely eliminate icing issues. It can also be applied onto body panels, hood, or any other plastic surface as an added UV-protectant.

SUREFOOT™ RUB-ON Formula polishes on and dries clear to give your sled a glossy, UV resistant sheen much like an expensive wax. Application takes just minutes but lasts through an entire season of ice-free performance. Each kit provides enough to coat an entire snowmobile with one coat, or sufficient quantity to apply multiple coats to high-use areas. Simply combine parts A and B into the provided squeeze bottle, shake thoroughly and apply.

Properly applied, you will experience less snow and ice buildup on your sled with any of our fine SUREFOOT™ products. Translated, you feel less weight, improved mobility, increased flotation, and more speed… guaranteed!

And, like all SUREFOOT™ products, SUREFOOT™ RUB-ON Formula is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

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