Polaris RZR /  XP Cargo Box
Made with aluminum tread bright, this custom innovative design is a convenient way to keep your supplies and gear clean and dry. This box is lightweight and can be removed for cleaning with custom hardware. The shock equipped, easy open, and close lid with lockable push button latch keeps your gear safe and secure.
You are now thinking, where will my cooler go? We have thought of that as well. The spacious RZR Cargo Box allows you to store all your riding gear and there is still plenty of room inside for your cooler.
We don’t just stop with an industry defying cargo box. You can go one step further with accessories like adding 1-gallon rotopax gas tanks that can be easily mounted on the side of the cargo boxes.

The 4up’s and S models are the same price.
**Important – When purchasing a cargo box with a rear windshield you will need to order the 4up cargo box.

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