We know that you love your Polaris RZR and that you're always looking for new, fun ways to customize your side by side even more. Meet the Custom Color Front Brushguard w/ optional LED's by No Limit for your RZR. No Limit Wheels has broken the mold with this UTV brushguard and will make your RZR the envy off your friends and fellow riders.

The Custom Color Front Bumper is made 100% in the USA and is constructed of 1-3/4 inch steel tubing, making it a tough, long-lasting upgrade to your RZR 800 or RZR XP 900. We know--that’s great and all, but what REALLY makes it special? Two words: custom colors. Unlike other front side by side bumpers, this No Limit bumper comes in all OEM matching colors or even a more standard matte or gloss black, which is a hell of a lot more than those competitors offer.

Don't forget the other thing that makes these Custom Color Front Bumpers stand apart from the crowd: the optional LEDs! This UTV bumper looks great without the accent LEDs on it but we have to admit, the LEDs offer a very nice custom feature that most bumpers don't have.

These LEDs are integrated into each bumper and recessed back so there's no need to worry about them breaking when you collide with something. By being waterproof and impact-resistant, these little UTV lights are assured to last a long time, no matter how much abuse you put them through. Plus, the easy plug and play design assures you that you won't be spending hours trying to get back to doing what you love best, riding!

No Limit Side by Side Bumpers are available for the following 2008-14 Polaris models:

RZR 800
RZR 800 XC
RZR 570
RZR 4 800
RZR XP 900
RZR XP 4 900

Currently available in the following colors:

Gloss Black
Gloss White
Indy Red
Matte Black
Orange Madness
Voodoo Blue

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