You will receive a Radflo Hydra Jack for free as a gift from sikkrides.com. Value of $400 when you order a set of XP / XP4 shocks...

Radflo engineers set to work immediately, designing a true race performance suspension system so it could handle everything from trail, to desert, to even short course racing. Once developed the testing began to tune the shocks for incredible response and performance. The end result is a completely bolt in performance suspension system like no other. These 2.5” diameter shocks come standard with both front and rear oversized piggy-backs, as well as the industry leading Radflo 23 setting compressions adjusters. The compression adjusters allow you to easily fine tune the ride for various terrains or race courses. Both front and rear shocks come standard with a 7/8” diameter shaft and dual rate coil-springs. These shocks are built to the same tolerances and quality as our race-proven off road shocks and bolt right on the vehicle.



  • Coil-Overs include Springs
  • 23 setting Compression Adjusters come standard
  • Velocity sensitive valving automatically adjusts to terrain for improved control, handling and comfort
  • Competition ready construction in a factory fit design
  • Completely rebuildable, serviceable and tunable for virtually unlimited service life
  • Convenient ride height adjustments
  • 7/8” diameter shaft
  • Mirror polished, clear cadmium plating
  • Direct OE mounting
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Kit contains 2 front and 2 rear coil-overs with piggy-back remote reservoirs and compression adjusters.
  •   Valving packages for Trail, Dunes, Desert Racing and Short Course

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