$189.99 $209.95

Now Available in 30X10-15

The Kahuna Tire is the newest all-terrain DOT approved tire developed by GMZ Race Products.

This new innovative tire excels in almost all conditions from desert hard pack, to the loose soft conditions of most racetracks. The Kahuna Tire is the best and most rugged UTV tire available on the market today.

It features an 8 ply radial construction, standard heavy duty sidewall, and a specially engineered rubber compound.

This specific combination makes The Kahuna the strongest and best handling UTV all terrain tire available on the market today.

The tire has already been put to the test by racers with excellent results from the rocks of Moab to the most extreme conditions of the King of Hammers Race! The Kahuna is available in size 30x10-14 and also 30X10-15 weighing under 33 pounds to make it one sikk tire.


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