Yamaha Nytro 2010-Newer / MTX 2008-2009

Z Broz Racing took everything they learned from the last many years of building for the Nytro MTX and improved on it. Still a 39.750” wide +3” forward design, but an all new design of the lower A-Arm.

A-arm is built in order to allow the shock mount to stay in the stock location.

This allows you to run a stock shock without any modification to the shock itself (Saving you money).

The new lower design is strong but still lightweight, and the total kit with our improved spindle design, and castor adjustable upper A-Arms come in under the stock weight.

Saving you precious pounds all while including spindles that give you a much-improved steering geometry, and correct Camber gain.

The major advantage of a +3” forward A Arms is you will notice more predictable side hilling characteristics as well as improved bump performance.

This Kit includes: Ball joints, A-Arms, Spindles and Tie rods. Powder coated glossy black” ** 08-09 model MTX will require the use of upper A arm pivot pin #8HK-23373-00-00, This part is off all 2010 and newer model Nytros.

This part is not included so if you are putting the kit on an 08-09 MTX you need two of these collars. Please specify Year of Nytro this will be installed on and what shocks you are using.

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