Yamaha Nytro 2010 - Newer

Chromoly and tig welded.

They offer more ground clearance and durability over your stock arms.

They also come with new pivot bushings that will last much longer than stock. This kit also includes cnc machined spindles with new ball joints.

The spindle has been designed to change the geometry of the front end making it more stable in corners and overall improving the handling of the machine.

This arm kit measures 42.75" wide.This measurement is from center of spindle to center of spindle while the sled is on the ground.

Built to use shocks that have an 18.250 inch center to center length or to complete the package add some exit shocks that are custom valved to your rider weight.

Kit is built to fit 2010 Newer MTX upper a arm pivot sleeve. #8HK-23373-00-00.You will need 1 for each upper A arm. Also yamaha in 2010 switched all models to the 17.250 length shock.

This kit uses the longer 18.250 length shock used on 2009 and older XTX/RTX models.

Specify year when ordering and we can help determine if you have the correct shock length and upper pivot tube sleeve

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