Yamaha 450 YFZ 06-13

Yamaha Raptor 700 06-14

+1/2" Wide, +0" Forward

SLICAST caster adjustment is the only caster adjustment on the market today that can be adjusted independently from the camber setting. The Aluminum SLICAST feature has 11 settings, each giving you 0.5 degrees of caster change. Each setting is labeled for ease of use. The SLICAST rotates like a cam or bearing carrier, with the ball joint hole being on an eccentric. To adjust the SLICAST untighten the upper ball joint jam nut 3/16” and pop out the SLICAST CAM. Turn the cam to the desired rotation (caster setting) and press back in, tighten your jam nut, & ride with the new SLICAST  setting.

How does the Caster Setting affect the handling of your ATV?
The Caster Setting affects the handling of the ATV as it corners or goes in a straight line. Rotating the top ball joint toward the rear of the ATV makes the ATV handle better in a straight line. Rotating the top ball joint toward the front of the ATV, makes the ATV corner better.

What SLICAST setting is best for meThere is not an overall best setting. The SLICAST Cam should be adjusted to reflect: your unique riding style, the terrain you are riding in, and the type of riding you are doing.

Additional clearance between the lower A-Arm and the ground. This is ideal for helping the rider avoid roots, ruts, rocks, and debris. Additional Ground Clearance prevents the Rider from getting stuck more often.The Lower A-Arms are bent in a way that they provide more clearance, protecting your A-Arms and Shocks from damage.


  • Adjusts your caster independently from your camber with our Cam
  • Aftermarket Shock Location - Longer Shock is required
  • Maximum Ground Clearance
  • Made from TIG Welded 4130 Chromoly Steel Tubing
  • Greasable Needle Bearing and Seal Design
  • Durable Tie Rods: Cut to Size and Powdercoated
  • Nyloc Nuts and Loc Washers for Safety of Ball Joints
  • Dust Caps: to keep dirt out and grease in
  • Sealed Ball Joints

Shock Specifications: 

Shock Free Length 16.59"

Shock Compressed Length 11.259"

Shock Stroke 5.34"

Wheel Travel 10.5"

"Upgrade To TricTrac Bushing For Automatic Caster Adjustment While You Ride For Only ($249.99) - Order Under HOUSER RACING ACCESSORIES"

"Looking for a special color? There is a fee of $35 on A-ARMS for colors other than Gloss Black"

If you want a custom color plan on 1 week or so out from once you place the order depending on the work load of the powdercoater.

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